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Thank you for your interest in the Gay Open Directory Project. Submitting a site is easy, but before you
proceed with the site submission form, we ask that you do two things.
  1. Please take a moment to review some of our submission policies and instructions. It is important that you understand these policies. Failure to understand and follow these policies generally will result in the rejection of a submission.
  2. Please check to be sure that this is the single category you think your site should be listed in. The Gay Open Directory has a rich subject tree, and it helps everyone if you search around for the best category. This also helps expedite our review of your site.

Please note: We are not a search engine and pride ourselves on being highly selective. We don't accept all sites, so please don't take it personally should your site not be accepted.


Becoming a Sponsor

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Please Provide the Following Information.
Title *

Please supply a short and descriptive title.

  • Always opt for the official name of the site.
  • Do not use ALL CAPITAL letters.
  • Exclude promotional language in the title.

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, which means your site address. Example:

  • Do not add mirror sites.
  • Do not submit an URL that contains only the same or similar content as other sites you may have listed in the directory. Multiple submissions of the same or related sites may result in the exclusion and/or deletion of those and all affiliated sites.
  • Do not disguise your submission and submit the same URL more than once. Example: and
  • Do not submit any site with an address that redirects to another address.
  • The Open Directory has a policy against the inclusion of sites with illegal content. Examples of illegal material include child pornography; libel; material that infringes any intellectual property right; and material that specifically advocates, solicits or abets illegal activity (such as fraud or violence).
  • Do not submit sites "under construction."
  • We do not allow Adult sites in our directory
  • Submit non-English sites to the appropriate category under World.
  • Don't submit sites consisting largely of affiliate links.
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Short Desc *

Keep the description of your site brief - no longer than 25-30 words. A well-written, objective description will make listing your site easier.

  • Do not use any HTML tags
  • Write in complete sentences and/or descriptive phrases using proper grammar, punctuation and correct spelling.
    • Do not use ALLCAPS in your description.
    • Avoid capitalizing every word in a sentence.
    • Don't repeat the title of your site in the description.
  • Avoid using promotional language and strings of key words and search terms. Words and phrases like "cool" and "best darn site" will be removed.
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Submission Agreement

In exchange for GODP's consideration of the site I am submitting, I agree
  • To be bound by the GayMOZ's Terms of Use.
  • To waive any claim related to the inclusion, placement, exclusion, or removal of this or any other site in the GODP Directory or to the title or description of any site appearing in the GODP Directory; and
  • To grant Tom Wines a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, publish, copy, edit, modify, or create derivative works from my submission.(i.e. "submission" means the title and descriptive information you supply to us for your site, not your actual web site or its contents)

If my site is accepted to the directory, I acknowledge that I will be subscribed to the GayMoz Newsletter.

At anytime I can choose to opt-out, without affecting my listing. You may opt-out by sending an email to with the words "Unsubscribe" in the Subject line.

Please view our Privacy Policy here


I also acknowledge that Tom Wines and the GODP have unfettered editorial discretion to determine the structure and content of the directory and that, because a site's placement in the directory is subject to change or deletion at any time, I may not rely on any aspect of a site's inclusion in the directory.

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