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General FAQ

Who runs the GODP?

The GODP was created by Tom Wines and is operated by a small number of volunteers. GODP is funded by personal contributions

What does ‘GAYMOZ’ mean, and how is it related to the Open Directory Project (ODP)? 

The GODP is also known as GAYmoz., an acronym for Gay Mozilla. Mozilla is the open source browser development initiative. GayMoz was developed to have a positive online directory for the gay community that was not centered around pornography or just another way to sell something to the gay community.

How is the GODP different from other directories such as Queery or rainbowquery?

Other directories or search engines are there to turn or profit. GODP is not owned by a for-profit company, there is no advertising or sold positions on the site.

How can I report suspected abuse of the directory?

If you think someone is abusing the GODP please

How can I link to the Gay Open Directory?

We are appreciate any links that we receive. We have provided a few easy links located here

Does GayMoz allow advertising?

GayMoz does not accept any advertising on our site. We are supported through the generous donations of our community. And by our sponsors.

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