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Black Sheep Productions   - Official home of the Killian Kendall Mystery Series by Josh Aterovis

An Annotated Gay Bibliography   - Listings include fiction including drama and poetry, and informative non-fiction.

Alternate Reading for Adults   - Writings from aspiring authors

Deckerotica   - Decker's gay literary erotica.

Gay Fantasy and Sci-Fi Discussion Group   - Gay fantasy and sci-fi group where members can talk about fantasy/sci-fi and share their own stories.

Gay Authors   - Resources for gay writers and readers of gay stories

Ulrichs   - Popularize the Name and Works by Karl Heinrich Ulrichs First Known Gay Activist

Rob Rosen   - Homepage of a Gay author of several books

RainbowSauce   - Rainbowsauce aims to list the largest range of LGBT reading online

Amazing Dreams Publishing & Design   - We publish and design quality books and free E-cards for lesbian,bi, transgendered,and "straight but not narrow" women who truly believe we can make a

GLBT Science Fiction and Fantasy Links   - Links to online resources on published fantasy and science fiction with themes related to gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people. Includes e-zines.

Steve B Talbot, author website   - Steve B Talbot, former Utahn releases first novel, The Petal and the Thorn. See page for details and more info about Mr. Talbot

Alan Bennett Ilagan: Writer/model   - The writing and photographs of Alan Bennett Ilagan.

Torquere Press   - We are a small publisher of GLBT fiction that veers from the beaten path. We specialize in homoerotic fiction of all genres.

Gay Spirituality from Author/Poet   - Information and news from and about famed gay author/poet Perry Brass, six time Lambda Literary Finalist and winner 2002 IPPY Award for best gay and lesbian book.

red journal project   - a traveling journal that you get for free in the mail! add an entry then send it to the next person postage paid!

Sapphic Scribbles   - An online catalogue of lesbian authors, their books, and where you can find them.

Love Poems :: Lyrics :: Dating   - Love poems, lyrics, quotes, dating tips and dating services at LoveLandia

Summer of Love Web Novel   - Romance novel for young adult readers

Romentics: Romance Novels for Gay Men   - Romentics sells the only line of romance novels for gay men. For romantics who still believe in happily ever after, true love, and Mr. Right, these is your beach reading.


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