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Where the Dolphins Play   - A 22 yo gay liberal blogs on politics, gay rights, and other topics. Comments welcome.

SistersTalk   - Progressive, straight-from-the-hip blogging from the Diva of lesbian & gay blogging

Billy Bathgate   - Ramblings of a closeted 30-something gay lad in South London

Across the Brooklyn Bridge   - Personal site..news, events, stories and photos from a Colombian Palestinian American living in New York City (BLOG)

Davidized!   - David's blog about life, college, being gay and anything else that pops into his head.

Hot Blog and Relish   - Hailing from Southern California, James Delnort presently resides in Chicago, Illinois with his two feline friends and travels the world as a glamorous Flight Attendant.

Curious   - The adventures of a young, bi-curious girl in the big, bad world...

An Agoraphobic's Brown Study   - Lesbian, recovered from Agoraphobia, writes about her life past and present.

Queer Thoughts   - News and editorials on topical Gay Issues

Unpopular Blog   - Weblog of a Filipino boy living in Brugges, Belgium

Shet Quaker   - Political activism with a smattering of personality.

HomoMojo - A Positive Gay Community   - A gay community site with several multi-person blogs. We focus on the positive things in gay life including reviews, commentary, forums, and more.

Yoga Teacher cycles 585 miles for AIDS   - Iyengar yoga teacher cycles 585 miles (S.F. to L.A.) for AIDS Charity

Journal of a Fallen Angel   - Life. Love. Truth. Beauty. Yup, it sure gets scary sometimes...

Just Like A Woman   - Dating and romance blog of a girl on a mission.

Gayburg   - News and gossip dedicated to gay people. In Italian.


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