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Bloomin' Squares   -

Chi-Town Squares   - Organized in 1987, Chi-Town Squares promotes, dances and teaches modern square dancing.

Chesapeake Squares   -

Foggy City Dancers   -

Capital City Squares   - Sacramento's only gay and lesbian Mainstream and Plus square dance club.

Cadillac Squares   -

Cotton Pickin' Squares   -

Finest City Squares   -

Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus   -

International Association of Gay Square Dance Club   - The IAGSDC is an umbrella organization supporting gay and lesbian Modern Western Square Dance clubs in the United States, Canada, Japan and Denmark.

Cream City Squares   -

Empire Squares   -

Edo 8s   -

Boots in Squares   -

Ottawa-Hull Date Squares   -

El Camino Reelers   -

The Gay Callers Association   -

Diablo Dancers   -

Golden State Squares   -

Independence Squares   -


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